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I laughed out loud multiple times

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ok but there was a bus filled with potatoes driving around my town today



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Gob charged at Michael with the scissors, but Michael as he always did picked rock.

Which beat scissors.

Unfortunately the whole incident was covered by the paper. 

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—  quentin tarantino as quentin tarantino in a quentin tarantino movie

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Tina’s daughter Alice recently turned 9

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Teenager from India invents device that can convert breath to speech

A high school student from India has invented a device that can convert a person’s breath into speech, to give millions of people around the world suffering from speech impediment a ‘voice’ for the first time.

Sixteen-year-old Arsh Shah Dilbagi has developed a new technology called ‘TALK’, which is a cheap and portable device to help people who are physically incapable of speaking express themselves. Right now, 1.4 percent of the world’s population has very limited or no speech, due to conditions such as Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), locked-in syndrome (LIS), Encephalopathy (SEM), Parkinson’s disease, and paralysis.

His name is Arsh Shah Dilbagi and he’s 16 years old. Gettin tired of sensationalized “mystery baby from a country where people are brown does a science thing!” articles. Use peoples names, don’t act so surprised when people of color are geniuses.


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flowers in my quills

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you don’t go homo or bi or trans to hell

the expression is “going straight to hell”

wake up america

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These tweets from @OfRedAndBlue are very important.

RIGHT!!!?!?? like we’re not playing a theoretical game here, we’re talking about people’s LIVES

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